Pastor Search: Biblical Prayers For Congregational 


  1. Pray the pastor search period will be a time the church learns to seek God Himself more than just a new pastor. Lord, teach us to draw closer to Jesus and trust Him as the true head of the Church (Jeremiah  29:13; James 4:8).

  1. Pray for a powerful move of congregational cleansing and renewal. Father, please cause this to be a time of deep healing, cleansing and renewal in our church (Psalm 66:18; 139:23-24).
  1. Pray for strong consistency and focus in the present ministry of the Please grant great power to our interim pastor and to our staff. Protect us from any spirit of lukewarmness or losing our first love. Remind us that we serve Jesus, not a pastor (Revelation 2:1-4; 3:15).
  1. Pray for a miraculous sense of love and unity among all members of the church. Help us surrender all bitterness, division and anger within our church family. Lord, empower us to love one another with a patient, forbearing love (John 13:34; 17:21).
  1. Pray that we will patiently await God’s timing and settle for nothing less than His perfect will. Ask God for His mercy in giving us a true man of God and a great leader (Hebrews 6:12).
  1. Pray that we be prepared, with an open mind, to make the necessary changes to embrace  a new day of Ministry as we go forward.
  1. Ask for the grace to accept change

A Biblical Formula For Answered Prayer

Due to impending inclement weather from Hurricane Idalia, Our church office will be closed on 8/30 and possibly on 8/31. Please noticed that All Activities for this week Have Been Canceled: There will be No Bible Study On Wednesday, 30 August, No Seniors Meeting on 31 August, No Ladies Bible Study on 31 August, and No Movie Night On 1 September. Stay Safe! Will see you Sunday